"Does she like it when you puke? I mean is that part of your deal?"
Otis B. Driftwood

Adam Banjo was one of five primary victims featured in the 2005 action/horror film The Devil's Rejects. Played by actor Lew Temple, he was the third of the five victims to be killed by the Firefly family.

Biography Edit

Adam Banjo was the husband of Wendy Banjo and guitarist for the country/western band known as Banjo & Sullivan. [2] In May of 1978, Banjo & Sullivan rented a room at the Kahiki Palms Motel. Adam began watching television and caught a snippet of the Morris Green show which chronicled the events relating to a police shoot-out with a group of alleged cultists. Adam dismissed the program, believing that it was all artificially concocted to inflate ratings. Unfortunately for him, the story turned out to be true.

Only moments later, two of the surviving criminals from the fire fight, Otis B. Driftwood and Baby Firefly barged into the motel room and took the band hostage. Otis shot their roadie Jimmy point-blank in the head, at which point Adam promptly vomited.

After tormenting the group at gunpoint, Otis took Adam and band-leader Roy Sullivan with him to unearth a cache of weapons that he had buried nearby. Adam tried to fight back against Otis and managed to strike him across the back with a heavy tree branch. Otis spun about and fired his gun at him. The bullet pierced Adam's throat and he began to bleed to death. Otis pounced on him, citing that he was going to give him a break until he decided to "be a hero". He then killed Adam and used his hunting knife to skin his face. Otis turned Adam's face into a mask, which he then forced his wife Wendy to wear upon her head.

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  • The character of Adam Banjo was created by writer and director Rob Zombie.
  • Adam Banjo is actor Lew Temple's first major role in a horror film.

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  1. Date approximated based upon the relative age of acotr Lew Temple at the time that the film takes place.
  2. When the band arrives at the motel, Adam can be seen carrying his guitar.