666 Dark More

666 Dark More is a fictional street address featured in the 1985 sci-fi/horror movie, Re-Animator. It was the residence of med student Dan Cain and his pet cat, Rufus. It was a modest one-story home in the suburbs of Arkham. Dan's fiancé, Megan Halsey often stayed overnight at the house. Dan posted a notice at Miskatonic University inquiring about a roomate, which was answered by fellow student Herbert West. Cain was put-off by West's brusque demeanor, but happily accepted him into his home when West immediately put up the first month's rent. West agreed to spend the majority of his time in the basement, insuring Dan that he wouldn't even notice he was there. Things quickly turned sour between the two students however, when he found that Herbert West had put Dan's dead cat Rufus in the refrigerator, where it was later discovered by Megan. West claimed that the animal got its head stuck in a bottle and died. He later used his experimental Re-Agent to bring the cat back to life, but it was resurrected as a grotesque undead crazed animal.

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