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5044 Berry Street
Category: Residence
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: Louisiana
County: Renard Parish
Town: Bon Temps
Residents: Dawn Green
Notable apperances: True Blood
1st appearance: "the First Taste""

5044 Berry Street is a fictional street address featured in the HBO television series True Blood. It first appeared in the second episode of season one, "The First Taste" and also appeared in the following episode, "Escape from Dragon House".

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The house at 5044 Berry Street was a duplex where Dawn Green lived. Her home was actually owned by Sam Merlotte who served as Dawn's landlord. The house was located directly across the street from Arlene Fowler's house and next to a similar duplex owned by a young man named JB du Rone. [1]

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Sookie & Sam, sitting on the porch.

In 2008, spent the day having sex with her on-again/off-again boyfriend Jason Stackhouse. Afterward, Dawn prepared to go to work. She left Jason tied up in her bedroom with the promise of freeing him after she got back around midnight. When she got off work, she returned home, but Jason had already freed himself. Angry, Jason decided to play a trick on Dawn and pretended to be a masked rapist. He threw Dawn down upon her bed and forced himself on her. Dawn was both frightened and enticed by his actions and it is unclear whether she knew her attacker was Jason at first. Once Jason removed the mask, they temporarily made up and continued having sex. Later that evening however, they got into a fight and Dawn made fun of Jason's apparent impotency. The fight escalated to the point where Dawn drew a gun on him, forcing Jason to leave her house. [2]

Shortly thereafter, the Bon Temps killer broke into Dawn's home and strangled her to death. She was discovered the following morning when co-worker Sookie Stackhouse came by her house to wake her up for work. Jason likewise appeared moments later, hoping to make up with Dawn. They were present when Parish coroner Mike Spencer and a young assistant carried Dawn's body out of the home. Many of the locals, including Arlene Fowler and Maxine Fortenberry gathered around to see what was going on.

Later, Sam Merlotte came to the house by himself. Being a shape-shifter, Sam had acute senses and caught the killer's scent from Dawn's bedsheets. He was later able to use this to identify Drew Marshall, aka, Rene Lenier as the strangler. [3]

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