"The 1962 Cadillac has more trunk space than any other car made in the last thirty years."
Nick Knight[src]
1962 Cadillac
Forever Knight 1x01 008
1962 Cadillac
Type: Vehicle
Availability: Common item
Manufacturer: General Motors
Model: 1962 Cadillac
Owners: Nick Knight

The 1962 Cadillac was a two-door sedan developed by General Motors. Variants of the model included the Series 62 Town Sedan and the DeVille Park Avenue. 160,840 Cadillacs were produced throughout the year.

In fiction Edit

Vampire detective Nick Knight drove a green 1962 Cadillac during his time working in Toronto, Canada. When his partner, Detective Don Schanke asked him why he insisted on such an old vehicle, Nick explained that the '62 Caddy offered more trunk space than any vehicle put into production ever since. What Don didn't realize however was that Nick, being a vampire, often required the trunk of his car as an emergency sleeping quarters should he ever need to quickly avoid the deadly rays of the rising sun. (FK: Dark Knight)

Notes & Trivia Edit

Other classic cars featuerd in horror fiction include the 1958 Plymouth Fury featured in the novel and film adaptation of Stephen King's Christine as well as the 1967 Chevy Impala driven by the Winchester brothers in the CW Network television series Supernatural.

Nick Knight is adamantly against people smoking in his Cadillac. Don Schanke found this out on their first night together as partners.

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